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Our cleaning services are so efficient, comprehensive and helpful that we've delighted clients throughout Seattle. Take a look at these testimonials to see why more and more customers have come to rely on us!
"Renee Pace and her Excellence in Housekeeping employees first began cleaning our downtown Seattle condo in 2007 and we have never looked back. The level of service and week-to-week continuity provided by our team leader and her crew is unmatched. Their gentle handling of our granite countertops, maple floors, objects, and the numerous framed photographs and paintings on our walls is exemplary. Special projects- closet cleaning, deep cleanings after remodels, even outdoor windows- can be scheduled in advance, which saves the homeowner time and trouble. Excellence in Housekeeping provides an excellent all-round cleaning service " 
- Julia Johnson
"My family has trusted Excellence in Housekeeping to clean our home since 2011. The staff is polite, trustworthy, and detail-oriented. I highly recommend their service." 
- Amy and Danny Bonaduce
"My favorite day of the week is when the Excellence in Housekeeping team works their magic on our home! They have incredible attention to detail and because they work as a team instead of one individual, the cleaning is done in a short window of time… they are simply the best." 
- Lisa Lolemenares
"For years we have relied on Excellence in Housekeeping to keep our condo beautifully clean and in good order. Now that we are traveling more we have discovered that this company provides an additional service that is truly priceless: Peace of mind. We can lock the door and take off on an extended cruise knowing that our home is in excellent hands. Not only does the team keep our condo clean and ready for our return, it ensures that small household problems are caught before they can develop into disasters. This company makes our lives so much easier!" 
- Jayne and Frank Krentz
"After many years of recommending Excellence in Housekeeping to my condominium association clients for all their various cleaning, housekeeping and short-term stay cleaning needs, I made the decision to have them clean my own home. For the past seven years I have used Renee and her team, and am very pleased. They provide excellent service, are consistent, responsive, timely and clear communicators, and take care of our home as we would at very reasonable rates. it's a pleasure to work with them!!" 
- Marshall Johnson
"Excellence in Housekeeping really deep cleans! I have an allergy to dust and can tell the difference the day they are here. When I come home my condo is dust free and smells fresh. No more sneezing, no more tears. Thank you!" 
- Jeanie Zehrer, Entrepreneur/Philanthropist 
"The quality of Excellence in Housekeeping is far and above anyone I've ever had before. They are extremely energetic and detail oriented. I have recommended them to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so." 
- Braiden Rex Johnson, Producer and Author of Pike Place Market Cookbook 
"I think of myself as knowing some of the smartest people in the city and sure enough, when I researched Renee's website, three of the testimonials were friends of mine! Once I contracted with Renee's Excellence in Housekeeping, I found that my housekeeping worries were over. She and her well trained staff of professionals show up every week at the appointed hour and efficiently buff up my condo, so that it looks like a photograph in Architectural Digest. Her staff does everything, even down to cleaning my dog's dish. They don't miss a trick. And after it's been cleaned, Renee gives it the white glove treatment to make certain that nothing is overlooked. I have had people clean for me before, but never with the pride and professionalism exhibited by Renee Pace." 
- Pat Fearey, Chairman/CEO of The Fearey Group 
"Renee and her team are consummate professionals and truly make your house a home. We are part-timers and for over 6 years we have depended on Excellence in Housekeeping to keep our Seattle home in top condition."
- Lita Luvera, Attorney at Law 
"Renee and her team have cleaned my condo for over a year now. I have used other cleaning services in the past but have found Renee to be exceptional in terms of both cleaning and reliability. There is nothing that is ever missed. It is always nice to come home on a day I know Renee has been there!" 
- Julie McAvoy, McAvoy Solutions LLC Realtor 

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