Good Housekeeping in Seattle

Excellence in Housekeeping is able to provide you with the cleaning services you need. Count on us to make your life easier!

Regular Cleaning

Excellence in Housekeeping will visit on your desired schedule to take care of all of your regular cleaning and housework needs. Your home will be left looking so fresh and clean it will be like having your very own housekeeper! 
We clean bedrooms, kitchens, home offices and beyond; we can also do laundry and special cleaning tasks. Give yourself and your family the gift of extra time to spend doing what you love: contact us today.

• Extras may include: Washing windows on the inside and out, Blinds, Appliances, Cabinets, Laundry Services, and Carpets

Party Preparation

Hosting an event in your home can be a big stressor. Whether you'll be welcoming people for a birthday celebration, a retirement party, a graduation or another get-together, you want to make sure things go smoothly!

That's why you should turn to Excellence in Housekeeping. We'll handle cleaning your home before the big event and you can focus on other things.

Spring Cleaning

As winter ends and warmer weather arrives, Excellence in Housekeeping can address your spring cleaning needs and give you a great start to the season.
During one of our spring cleaning sessions, our crew will go through and clean closets, decks and other nooks and crannies that may have been ignored during the winter. We even do windows, which will allow you to enjoy the summer sun in full!

Moving & Remodeling Cleaning

Moving house and need to make sure everything looks great for potential purchasers? Excellence in Housekeeping can clean every single corner for you! Or maybe you're moving to a new home of your own — if so, we'll detail clean the house so that it's ready for you and your family.
We can also make dust, debris and other construction or remodeling messes vanish. So don't stress and worry about cleaning right when you're in the middle of a big move or renovation project — just talk to us today.

Home Maintenance

It could be you travel a lot, or you have another home where you spend part of the year. If so, we can handle upkeep as well as cleaning in your absence. 
If we run into any serious problems, such as a broken pipe, owner Renee will be in touch right away. Plus we'll have fresh towels and sheets waiting for you when you return from your journey. It's another part of our commitment to customer service and our aim to help you.
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