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If your home is in need of a cleaning, get in touch with Excellence in Housekeeping, Inc ASAP! We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company that can make your home sparkling clean, guaranteed. Whether you need us one time or on a regular basis, we can definitely accommodate your needs. We serve downtown Seattle, Queen Anne, First Hill, Magnolia, and Capitol Hill.

Cleaning Services Agreement


This House Cleaning Services Agreement is dated ____________, and is between Excellence in Housekeeping and _____________________. 

The Parties agree as follows:

1) Services:
  • Clean, disinfect, and shine all toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks
  • All countertops, mirrors, and outside of cabinets to be washed and dried
  • Garbage emptied / clean exterior
  • Vacuum carpets and floors/wipe floors
  • Wall hangings dusted
  • Dust exposed heat registers, baseboards, toilet paper holder, and towel racks

Kitchen and Laundry Room
  • All counters and items on counters to be cleaned and shined
  • Microwaves to be cleaned inside and out
  • Stove top cleaned and shined
  • Windows above sink to be free from water spots
  • Cabinet fronts to be cleaned
  • Outside of refrigerator to be washed and top to be dusted
  • Any wall hanging or knick knacks to be dusted
  • Garbage emptied and take out recyclables if needed
  • Sink to be bleached and dried
  • Floors vacuumed and wet mopped if applicable
  • Dust window sills 

Bedrooms, Office Area, Living Room, and Hallways
  • Horizontal surfaces to be wiped or dusted
  • Glass tables to be shined
  • Wall items to be dusted and kept free of debris
  • Baseboards to be dusted
  • Couches, pillows, etc. to be straightened and fluffed
  • Vacuum carpets and floors/mop floors
  • Doors and light switches washed free of fingerprints
  • Dust window sills

2) Schedule for cleaning: (Check one)
_____ Weekly
_____ Every other week
_____ Every four weeks
_____ On-call basis
_____ One-time cleaning

3) Cost of Cleaning and payment plan:
_____ is the cost for cleaning your unit ___________________________________.
  • PAYMENTS: Services are billed on a monthly basis. Payments may be made using on-line banking or by check. (You may either mail your check or leave it for us at your next cleaning). NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED.
  • Payments are due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Account balances not paid within 60 days may be assessed a finance charge. 
  • CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO RENEE PACE, not Excellence in Housekeeping. 
  • Future changes to the frequency in cleanings will result in additional charges, as more time will be needed to complete the job.

4.) Additional Expenses and/or tasks:
  • Any additional tasks that you wish to have done (unless it is a 10-minute project) need to be prescheduled. We will be happy to accommodate you. 
  • There will be an hourly fee for additional projects. The hourly fee is $33.00 per labor hour. Laundry will be billed at $20 a load. 
  • We offer window cleaning at the hourly rate of $33.00 per labor hour.
  • We have a carpet cleaning service that we can recommend you.

5) Cancellation Policy:
  • If your cleaning occurs on a scheduled basis, a two-week cancellation notice is required (unless it is an emergency) or you will be billed as normal. 
  • Customers are allowed to skip a cleaning twice a year with a two-week notice at no cost. 
  • Cancellations outside of the two-week notice period will result in a $33.00 rescheduling fee. It is our recommendation that in lieu of cancellations, you decide on special cleaning projects to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

6) General Provisions:
  • It is important that you identify any item in your home that is irreplaceable. We will not handle these types of items as a general rule because accidents do sometimes happen. While we normally would replace an item through purchase or insurance, such items we could not replace. If we come upon an item we feel is especially fragile and do not feel comfortable cleaning it,we will leave it and discuss the issue with you.
  • It is recommended that you have your unit picked up in order for us to use our time productively during the cleaning. We are working on a time schedule and only have a certain amount of time set aside for your unit. We want you to come home to a clean and shiny place!
  • We ask that if at all possible we have the “place to ourselves”. This allows us to stay on our scheduled routine to assure perfection.
  • Please always feel free to mention any missed tasks. We are professionals and expect to provide you with excellent service.
  • We are open to schedule changes and alternatives in scheduling. We are here to accommodate you in any way we can. We ask for as much notice as possible.
  • The above contract is a general cleaning contract of the basics that we will perform. We offer a custom service and therefore welcome any additional tasks or changes to the above contract.

  • All information regarding your account is confidential and we will maintain the highest level of privacy regarding such information.
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured and would be happy to provide copies if requested.

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Excellence in Housekeeping Inc.
Office Number: (206) 501-8302

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Mon - Fri
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Payment methods

We accept Cash, Check, or Online Bill Pay.

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